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Please read the following terms and conditions before buying a device(s) or sending us your devices(s). You agree to be bound to our terms and conditions when you submit an order.

About us

GR Phones Ltd, a company registered in England. Also trading as Finito Mobile.

Unit 77 Basepoint Lincoln Road
Cressex Business Park
High Wycombe
HP12 3RL


Your device
The make and model stated by you when registering your order must match the device criteria selected as well as meet the following criteria:
  1. There must be a battery included.
  2. The device must not be blacklisted.
  3. Device Criteria. For a comprehensive guide of the device criteria view our here: https://finitomobile.co.uk/device-criteria

Grading Your Device(s)

We grade your device based on the condition. To receive the full estimated value your device must be in full working order with all functions working and power on and off. We do accept faulty devices however your estimated value will be reduced based on the faults.

Examples of how faults are classified include but is not limited to camera damage or camera not working fully; cracked or broken LCD; hinges that are snapped; device(s) that have buttons missing or as well as other keyboard damage; charging port on device not working; earpiece damage; microphone damage; missing parts; cracked backs; faulty touch screen; device not powering on; software that is defective or faulty; home button or touch ID faults. 

Batteries must be included with your device(s); devices must not be barred; liquid damaged or pin lock; must not be reported to the police as lost or stolen and must be of UK/EU specification. When our team test your device(s) if any of these faults are identified your payout will be reduced accordingly.

Subject to these terms any device(s) not listed on our website will be automatically recycled. We are happy to recycle these device(s) but please make sure you want us to do this on your behalf. Please be aware that no payment will be received for such devices. 

Your device(s) should be in good condition to receive a payment. In some cases, depending on the device or condition we will not be able to offer any payment.

Any damage or anything that has an impact on us to recycle or refurbish your device(s) will mean a reduction in payment to reflect this. The final decision in these cases will be made by GR Phones Ltd.

You are choosing to comply with these terms by submitting an order through our website.

Please remove iCloud or Google account locks including any passwords or passcodes before sending your device(s) to us. It is always best to factory reset your device before sending this to us. We will factory reset any device we receive as part of our testing so any data on the device will be wiped and removed safely and securely.


The prices of devices are subject to change at any time to reflect the market conditions. The prices can change by the day. Please be aware that the price can change the next day if your order has not been fully submitted.

Once we receive your device the price quoted for your device(s) is guaranteed to remain the same for 14 days from the date of your order. GR Phones Ltd makes the final decision on any device value.

Our tests for incorrect information

Every device received is checked to ensure it complies with our terms and conditions. If we find that the make and model do not match what you have put through on your sales order we will email you with a new revised offer to reflect this.

If the incorrect make or model is sent to us we will email you with the correct make or model as well as the correct value. If you have selected the incorrect network we may reduce your payment in some cases to reflect the correct information.

You have the choice to continue with the revised value or we can return your device(s) to you within 14 days which will terminate our contract and the sale will not progress. We reserve the rights to charge a £6.00 returns fee. 

Red flagged devices

We use the National CheckMEND database using the unique IMEI to check for the status of all devices received. Your device will be red-flagged if it has been classed as stolen, lost or blacklisted on the CheckMEND database.

By law, we must retain your device for up to 28 days until the red flag has been removed. The status will be reviewed during this period. You will need to contact CheckMEND if you are advised that your device has been red-flagged. The 28 days period is put in place to enable the rightful owner of the device to have the red flag removed. We will notify you of the procedure by email.

If during the 28 days period the red flag is removed then your device will be paid for and processed and will not be returned. Please note, that by law if the red flag has not been removed within the 28 days period then we will have to dispose of your device. No payment will be received.

Please beware that you will be required to co-operate with the authorities if any issues arise.

Devices with 'Activation Locks'

We will contact you to remove the activation lock via email. No payment can be made for devices with iCloud or Google activation locks. These locks must be removed in order for us to fully test and validate your device meets the criteria. If you have not removed these locks prior to sending your device we will contact you via email with instructions on how to remove them.

Devices Received

Devices received before 12:00 will be processed on our system and an email sent to confirm we have received the device. Devices arriving after 12:00 will be processed the next working day. 

Testing for damage

For damaged devices, we will try and offer you some value when it is possible. But we are not obligated to purchase your device.

Devices that are received in pieces or parts will be recycled and not returned. If your device(s) has multiple faults or is beyond economical repair i.e. liquid damaged, in most cases the value for your device(s) will be zero.

You have the choice to continue with the revised value or we can return your device(s) to you within 14 days which will terminate our contract and the sale will not progress.

You have 5 days to respond to any price revaluation emails. In the event you do not respond to the price revaluation email within 5 days, the revised price will be paid. 


Once your device(s) have been fully tested by our team and meets both the device criteria upon checkout and our terms and conditions we will send payment by your chosen method within 5 working days. Our average turnaround for payments is 24 hours. There will be no circumstances where we would make a payment before this time.
Please note payments made via Paypal may inccur Paypal fees.

Postage and returns

It is at your own risk when you send your device(s) to us. If your device(s) is lost or damaged before it arrives at our warehouse we are not liable. We are not liable for any damage in transit if we return your device to you. Your compensation amount is limited to the maximum value of £100.00 provided by Royal Mail in such circumstances. 

Please package your device(s) well to minimise the risk of damage. You will need to drop off your device(s) to the local Royal Mail Post Office or drop off point. You must receive a receipt for proof of your postage. 

If your device(s) are lost in the post you can claim with Royal Mail. However, we cannot guarantee that it will be successful. The Royal Mail website will have information about how to make a claim. The adequate cover will need to be specified when sending your device(s)

If your package was damaged before reaching our warehouse it will be returned to you. If you wish you can then make a claim directly through the courier service i.e.Royal Mail. Again, we cannot guarantee that any claim will be successful. We are not liable for any claims refused by third parties.

Device returns

If your device does not meet the device criteria you selected at checkout we will return your device using Royal Mail 48 hour tracked. We reserve the rights to charge £6.00 for the device to be returned back to you in these circumstances. You will be emailed a payment link to make this payment. If we do not receive a payment within 5 working days we will assume you no longer wish for the device to be returned and this will be recycled free of charge and the proceeds less any business expenses are given to our nominated charity. 

Device revaluation.

If you have selected the incorrect device criteria at checkout we will revise the device value to the criteria and value that best matches the condition of the device. We will send you an email notification confirming the reason for the price revaluation and the new percieved value of the device after the revision. You can choose to accept or reject this. If you choose to accept, your order will be processed as usual and our average payment processing time is 24 working hours, excluding weekends and public holidays. If you choose to reject the offer we will return your device to you following the device return process detailed above within the terms and conditions.

We reserve the right to return any device that does not meet the device criteria selected at checkout. 

If you would like to contact us regarding our terms or for any other enquiry please see below:

GR Phones Ltd T/A Finito Mobile
Unit 77 Basepoint Lincoln Road
Cressex Business Park
HP12 3RL

Email address: info@finitomobile.co.uk
Company Number: 11402150 Registered in England.
VAT Number: 362471402

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